Paradigmets paradoxer

Här är en bra artikel från The Globe and Mail som uttömmande beskriver ekonomismens historiska utveckling samt dess främsta svagheter. Från sina första stapplande steg djupt i den moraliskt-politiska myllan till dagens pseudovetenskap.  Sveriges Riksbank får sig också en välförtjänt känga som kolportör av den neoklassiska dogmen.

The prize also has helped to transform one particular ideology into economic orthodoxy. Prof. Mirowski, who is co-writing a book on the history of the economics prize, notes that throughout the 1970s and 1980s, economists whose work supported neoclassical, pro-market, laissez-faire ideas won a disproportionate number of those honours, as well as support from the increasing numbers of well-funded think tanks and foundations that cleaved to the same lines. People who rejected those ideas, or were skeptical of the natural sciences model, were quickly marginalized, and their road to academic advancement often blocked.

The result was a homogenization of economic thought that Prof. Mirowski believes “has been pretty deleterious for economics on the whole.”



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