Den lönnfeta s.k. vetenskapen

Här är en pedagogisk, träffande och rolig video med Ha-Joon Chang som Aeon länkade till. Han tillhör den snabbt ökande skaran av ekonomer som fått nog av sitt eget självupptagna skrå och manar till uppror. Jag rekommenderar hans böcker Bad Samaritans: The Myth of Free Trade and the Secret History of Capitalism och 23 Things They Don’t Tell You About Capitalism.

”Thus, what we were told by the free-marketeers – or, as they are often called, neo-liberal economists – was at best only partially true and at worst plain wrong. As I will show throughout this book, the ‘truths’ peddled by free-market ideologues are based on lazy assumptions and blinkered visions, if not necessarily self-serving notions. My aim in this book is to tell you some essential truths about capitalism that the free-marketeers won’t. This book is not an anti-capitalist manifesto. Being critical of free-market ideology is not the same as being against capitalism. Despite its problems and limitations, I believe that capitalism is still the best economic system that humanity has invented. My criticism is of a particular version of capitalism that has dominated the world in the last three decades, that is, free-market capitalism. This is not the only way to run capitalism, and certainly not the best, as the record of the last three decades shows. The book shows that there are ways in which capitalism should, and can, be made better.”

Ekonomi är alldeles för viktigt att lämnas åt ekonomer precis som politik är för viktigt att lämnas åt politiker.


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